P2P4 Football Most Popular P2P Application: Streamtorrent : Expired

One of the most popular P2P applications around that P2P4 football recommends is Streamtorrent.  Streamtorrent is a free downloadable software that allows people to watch live streams through the application without need for internet hosting.  It works through Peer to Peer technology and is similar in this way to Napster.  But Streamtorrent’s software has expired (or so says a popup when you load the software).  There has been no word yet on a new release of Streamtorrent so many people are discouraged that they cannot use their favorite streaming software.  But P2P4 Football has a workaround for you so that you can still use Streamtorrent to watch your favorite football teams.

The reason why you are getting the expired message when you load Streamtorrent is because Streamtorrent was set to ‘expire’ on a certain day.  The software knows when this day has occurred by checking the date of your computer.  If you change your computer’s date you can trick Streamtorrent into thinking that it has not yet expired.  Pretty nice trick, heh?  On the bottom right hand side of your computer you have the time.  Right click the time and go to “adjust date/time”.  Now, set your date to be in the past, prior to December 2010.  Once you do this try to open up Streamtorrent now and you will see that it works perfectly.  No longer do you see the “Streamtorrent has expired” message.  Now you are able to once again watch all your football games with Streamtorrent.

If for some reason you are against changing the date on your computer there are free programs out there that you can download.  These programs you can associate with another program and have it change the date only for that program.  Let P2P4 football explain further.  You download this ‘date program’.  You can then tell the date program that you want to change the date on your computer, but only when Streamtorrent is involved, so the date will only change in the eyes of the Streamtorrent application.  This way your date stays the same for you and everything else, but when Streamtorrent goes to check the date the program will make a new date for Streamtorrent to see.

If you want to watch all the live sports online then you may want to check out Streamtorrent.com .  This site will be able to help you watch all sports all the time.

Watch the NFL Football Playoffs with P2P4 Football

The NFL football playoffs are here and you can watch the football games live online with the help of P2P4 football.  This weekend there are four games, Baltimore vs Pittsburgh, Seattle vs Chicago, New York vs New England, and Green Bay vs Atlanta.  You can watch the games if they being broadcast by your local cable station, but if not then you can also catch the football games live online with some help from P2P4 football.

You will first want to download and install Streamtorrent which is a peer to peer software application that allows people to stream games and other people to watch those streams live.  But both the streamer and the viewer needs to have Streamtorrent installed.  You can check out the Streamtorrent website if you’re interested at Streamtorrent dot com.  This is free software to use.

After you install this software you can either browse through the channels or you can access private channel streams if you can find out the channel stream.  These are forums and message boards where people post their private stream access channels and once you get that then you can access their stream.

You may also decide to watch the playoffs online through a streaming application website.  There are now tons of these type of sites, like Justin.tv and UStream.  More and more of these sites pop up every day and they are very fragmented, so if you don’t know where to look then you might be missing out on watching a football stream that is going on.  Again, there are message boards that talk about it.  There are also paid sites which do the research and post updated lists of these types of sites.  P2P4 football recommends that you do the free sites, but if you don’t mind paying $20 or $30 then a paid site will work for you.

The culmination of the playoffs will be the Superbowl and there will be tons of sites that stream the Superbowl live online.  When the time comes we will talk about this in more details, but be assured that you won’t be missing the Superbowl online.