Watch Live P2P4U Football with MyP2P

If you are interested in p2p4u football then you can watch it live with myp2p.  Myp2p is a website but also there is myp2p forum where people share links and other information.  The site and forum both contain instructions, links, and postings on how to watch live football online.  The site was started up a few years ago and has a loyal following.  It is best used for watching live football online but it has pages and message boards for all the other sports.  Myp2p also discusses the latest p2p sharing applications along with instructions on where to find the downloads for free, how to install and use them, and how to troubleshoot if you have any problems while using the applications to watch live football online.

In the forums, people share with each other where they are posting live streams online and also myp2p forum has moderators who moderate if the stream postings are valid so they try to help you by eliminating any spam streamers.  I have been able to use myp2p to be able to watch most of the live p2p4u football games online this year that I wanted to.  The moderators usually keep the football streaming threads closed until about an hour before the game begins and then they open it up for people to share where they are streaming the game.  They do it this way to eliminate the spam and to keep people from stealing the links and posting it elsewhere.

There are rules if you want to list your stream on myp2pforum.  A rule is that you must put a myp2p banner or notice on your site if you want to list your football stream in the myp2p forums.  I do not like this rule for one simple reason… the only reason why people are coming to myp2p forums is because they want to see the streams that people are sharing.  Without the streamers then the myp2p forum would not have any value.  So while the streamers do get good exposure from being listed on the myp2p forum website, without the streamers there would be no forum.

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